Salt Therapy – Utilizing The Power Of Nature

Salt therapy and the idea that salt has curative powers is not new. Salt has been used in the treatment and cleansing of wounds for many years, and even the ancient Greeks recognized that salt could aid in the healing process. Modern salt-based therapies take this knowledge to a new level, creating microclimates that imitate those of salt caves to treat a host of illnesses and conditions. Lung conditions from asthma to COPD and cystic fibrosis, along with skin conditions, including eczema, have all been shown to benefit from this type of natural salt treatment.

A Compelling History Of Halotherapy

The therapeutic uses of salt have been documented throughout history across numerous cultures, as far back as at least the ancient Greeks. However, the first modern research into the phenomenon is credited to Felix Bochkovsky, a Polish physician. The reason behind this is because he identified what is known as the Solotvino phenomenon. He noted that the men who worked in the town’s salt mines were always in good health; rarely suffering from diseases of the lungs, colds, or other respiratory issues, despite their hard working conditions and less than perfect nutrition. Felix Bochkovsky concluded that the reason for their good health was in fact based in the mines; the salt aerosol that the miners continually breathed in during their working day. Eastern Europe was quick to capitalize on the health benefits of the salt mines, and the development of halotherapy soon followed. The term refers to the treatment by salt aerosol in a simulated salt cave. This became the preferred form of salt treatment because it was safer and more practical than travelling to the salt mines. Russia also quickly understood the benefits of this salt treatment and salt rooms or halochambers are now certified as medical devices within Russia. The practice has slowly reached Western Europe and the USA where more people are now able to experience the benefits of halotherapy.

Salt Room Therapy – The Low Down

Salt room therapy is a form of holistic healing. The salt room is designed to create the microclimate of the traditional salt cave. This is possible by the combined use of saline aerosol, which is dispersed in high concentrations, and a room whose surfaces are covered with layers of salt. Individuals looking to benefit from the salt treatment sit in the room for around 45 minutes and breathe in the air that includes the fine salt aerosol. The fine salt is transported to the smallest of the airway passages of the lungs and other areas of the respiratory tract. The salt acts as an anti-bacterial agent; it dissolves bacteria and pollutants that have become lodged in the respiratory tract. The body then expels these either by being coughed up by the individual or as part of the body’s metabolic process. Other benefits of the salt therapy include a reduction of inflammation in the lungs, the thinning of any mucus build up, and an improvement in the overall function of the lungs. This form of therapy is not just for adults either. It’s drug-free, non-invasive nature means that salt therapy for children is ideal, even from a very young age. Research has shown that children often respond quicker to the therapy than adults do.

Effects Of Salt Room Therapy On Lung Conditions

One of the areas of the body that respond extremely well to salt room therapy is the lungs, as they are the main recipient of the salt particles that are in the air. This makes the therapy ideal for those with a range of lung conditions including asthma and bronchitis. The therapy has also been shown to support the body in managing more serious conditions such as COPD. COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is one of the biggest causes of death in the UK. In fact, it is predicted to become the fourth leading cause of death, with over three million people believed to be living with the disease, of which only around 900,000 have been diagnosed. COPD causes the airways to narrow and to become inflamed; in some cases, there can also be damage to the smaller airways and air sacs of the lungs. The salt therapy for lungs reduces the frequency and intensity of the cough that sufferers’ experience, and makes moving the mucus that is produced easier. The mucus itself changes in nature, becoming less sticky. Relief is not just short term either, the effects continue after the treatment, reducing hospital admissions, and the need for medical interventions such as inhalers and steroids.

Using Halotherapy For Skin Conditions

It is generally understood that around one in 12 adults suffer from eczema. As with many conditions, the effects of eczema are very individual, and this can make it hard for modern medicines to treat. Sufferers live with a range of symptoms from itchy red patches of skin to scaly, itchy areas over the majority of their body. The constant cycle of itching and scratching can lead to open sores and bleeding wounds that increase the likelihood of infections. Salt therapy helps the body to combat many of the problems that are considered to be root causes of skin problems such as eczema. This includes toxicity build up in the skin. The salt reduces inflammation and kills bacteria, reducing itching and preventing infection. The effect of halotherapy on the lungs also increases blood flow to the rest of the body. It is also thought to reduce IgE levels; the measure of antibodies, which in people with allergies and skin irritations is often high. Reducing these levels means that the immune system reduces in sensitivity and does not react unnecessarily. Finding the right place to try salt halotherapy is important, and one of the best is Salt Chalet.

Increase Your Wellbeing With Salt Therapy From Salt Chalet

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