Salt Therapy For Asthma And Allergies – What Is Halotherapy?

Salt therapy for asthma and allergies has triggered a revolution in complementary therapies. Across the globe, sufferers are turning to salt therapies to help alleviate their discomfort. But what is halotherapy and how can it aid the respiratory system? Is it something that may help you or someone you know and how do you access it?

Put simply, salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, consists of a room where dry salt is inhaled deeply into the lungs. It’s something that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. In fact, children often enjoy the experience, with salt room therapy owners making salt rooms very child friendly. These rooms can help everyone enjoy lives that are not ruled by asthma and allergies. Whatever type of allergies you suffer from, halotherapy may be able to help. It’s a non-invasive complementary therapy that works on the bronchi in the lungs, soothing them and widening the airway. This helps asthma sufferers by giving them more room to breathe and, for similar reasons; it’s an excellent natural remedy for hay fever and other such allergies. Many people across the US have started installing their own salt rooms with the help of professionals. These personal salt therapy rooms can allow you access to your own halogenerator. This means that your courses of halotherapy are easier and you’re not at the mercy of finding a good salt room. However, if you don’t want to build your own salt room, there are plenty of reputable companies providing this therapy throughout the US.

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