Salt Therapy For Allergies – Try Halotherapy

Salt therapy for allergies is being used across America to alleviate suffering. In recent years, salt therapy has become a recognised way of treating allergies as a form of complementary medicine. Therapy rooms across the world have sprung up to help, and people are even installing them in their own homes.

Halotherapy is another name for salt room therapy. Essentially, you sit in a dedicated salt room with dry salt powered coming into the atmosphere via the use of a halogenerator. These halogenerators are the crux of salt rooms, and the design of a room must take into account how the halogenerator works and how the ventilation in the room is set up. For a salt room to be effective, it needs to be properly assembled. Only then can it help alleviate the discomfort for allergy sufferers. It shouldn’t be assumed that halotherapy is an alternative to other medicines or that it will cure allergies. Salt therapy works by soothing the bacteria in your lungs and widening the airways in your lungs. Courses of salt therapy have been reported to help allergy sufferers across the world and Americans have been enjoying the benefits too. Halotherapy locations have been popping up across the USA and it’s not unusual now for salt therapy rooms to be installed in spas and hotels as an added feature. If you don’t have access to a reputable salt room in your area, why not set up or install your own?

At Salt Chalet, we’re in the business of helping our clients establish their own salt rooms across the USA. Along with having our own locations, we also advise and help clients install their own facilities. If you’re interested in salt therapy for allergies, visit our website at and contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.