Salt Room Therapy Without The Room

Salt room therapy, or halotherapy, most recognizably takes place in a special microclimate. This is created by having a salt covered room containing a halotherapy machine that creates an aerosol spray of tiny dry salt particles into the atmosphere that are breathed in by the person seeking salt therapy. But, what do you do if you want to experience the positive effects of halotherapy but don’t have access to a salt room or the space to create your own? The answer lays in purchasing portable solutions that allow you to have the benefits without the travel or expense.

Salt Therapy At Home For Children

Salt room therapy has been shown to work well on a number of childhood conditions, from common colds to more serious respiratory and skin conditions. There has even been research that has suggested that children respond quicker to the benefits of the halotherapy than adults. However, there are potential problems with taking children to therapy rooms. Firstly, you need to find out whether the therapy center near you is set up for children. Most spa centers are, and welcome them, providing toys and other equipment in the therapy room to keep the children entertained. However, if you don’t have a center near you that is set up in that way, that doesn’t mean your child has to miss out. Several companies offer portable salt therapy for eczema and other childhood ailments. A portable device can be placed in the same room as a young child while they nap, meaning they get the wellness benefits of salt therapy for allergies or other conditions without knowing that they are receiving therapy. Alternatively, for older children, it can be placed close to them while they play. Home based therapy from a portable device has the added benefit of working to reduce the dust, viruses, and bacteria in the home that can be the root cause of many childhood conditions. It achieves this through the bactericide properties of the salt and the presence of a high concentration of negative ions. These ions stick to the positively charged particles of bacteria, dust and viruses.

Adult Salt Therapy For Asthma And Allergies

Where asthma and other allergies are not dealt with in childhood they can continue into adult life, and even worsen with age. The immune system can become even more over-reactive, seeing anything that encounters the body as a potential threat and reacting to it aggressively. For some adults, this situation becomes debilitating, leaving them unable to leave the house, or on so much medication that the side effects are often as bad as the allergies they are meant to control. Being able to use salt therapy for asthma and allergies has in many cases meant that people have been able to reduce the amount of medication, including steroids, which they have been taking. In some cases, they have been able to remove medication and inhalers completely from their daily lives. However, salt rooms for allergies are not available or appropriate for everyone. Where travelling or leaving the house is an issue, or the individual has other responsibilities, portable solutions could be the answer they have been looking for. Portable solutions work for adults in the same way they do for children. You can set your device up in the bedroom and relax while enjoying the cleansing effect of the Dead Sea salt, or you can set it up in a room where you are working, sitting watching TV, or playing with the children. As it is non-invasive, natural and beneficial to the well-being of everyone, it doesn’t matter whether there are other people in the room, so if time alone is an issue, you can still benefit from a portable device from a company like Salt Chalet.

The Best Portable Salt Room Therapy With Salt Chalet Products

If you are looking for the very best in portable salt room therapy, then Salt Chalet is the company you need. We offer a choice of portable devices that provide all the positives of salt therapy, but in your home and in your own time. As well as the devices, we can provide the high-quality Dead Sea salt that you need to get the greatest health benefit from the therapy. All our products can be found at, along with details of our salt rooms, advice on using our equipment, salt room business opportunities and contact details for our support team.