Halotherapy At Home

Halotherapy provides all the benefits of the Polish salt mines where the effectiveness of the treatment was first discovered, but without the need to travel, or the risk of being in the mines. However, benefiting from salt therapy can be difficult if you do not have a treatment center nearby. Travelling for many with chronic conditions is not a feasible option, and salt rooms cannot be easily transported, or at least that was the case. Modern technology means it is possible to benefit from salt therapies while still in the comfort of your own home.

Creating A Salt Therapy Environment

Adding a salt room to your own home, spa, or wellness facility is not only possible, but easier than you may first think. To create a salt room, you need a dedicated space, the right salt, and a method of dispersal. Halotherapy requires a dedicated space because the walls, ceiling and floor will need to be covered with salt. Not only does this aid in creating the salt cave microenvironment, but it also aids in relaxing and focusing the individual during treatment. The space needs to be dedicated because it needs to be kept extremely clean and bacteria-free as well. Using the right salt for the treatment room is very important if the treatments are to work. Dead Sea salt is ideal as it contains the required elements to aid in the salt room therapy process. Finally, for successful salt-based therapy you need a dispersal method and this is where a halotherapy machine is needed. The halotherapy generator disperses the fine salt crystals into the atmosphere to be breathed in and enter the respiratory tract where they can reduce inflammation and open up the airways, making breathing easier, improving blood flow, and reducing irritation and immune system over action. Once you have these basics in place, you are ready to start using your at home salt treatment room. You may want to consider other aspects such as seating, lighting, and music in order to create the perfect atmosphere in which to undertake your therapy. These are personal choices, particularly if your room is just for you. If you are looking at a commercial enterprise, then further support and guidance on building your salt room are advised.

Buying The Right Halogenerator For Sale

Whether you are looking to create a private salt room for you and your family and friends, or are looking to create a commercially viable business, it is important to ensure that you buy the right halogenerator for sale. The halogenerator is a core piece of equipment within your salt room. Without it, there is no salt in the atmosphere to breath. When choosing a salt Halogenerator, it is important to know where it was made. There are excellent generators made across the globe, but you need to ensure that the one you buy meets the standards you require, particularly for commercial use. Look carefully at the materials that it is made from. Is it designed to withstand the salt filled atmosphere of the salt room? Is it easy to keep clean and free of bacteria? What is its expected life span? Remember treatments usually last around 45 minutes at a time, and are recommended two to three times a week. That is a lot of use, even if it is just you using the room. Ideally, you need a salt generator that comes with a warranty. Should it breakdown or not work properly, you are then covered for replacement or repairs. A good warranty will also provide a machine on loan while yours is out of action. This is essential if you are creating a salt room as a business. After all, without your generator, you are unable to open. But first, you need to purchase one, and that’s where Salt Chalet comes in.

Halotherapy At Home With Salt Chalet

If you are interested in building your own salt therapy room at home, then we at Salt Chalet can help you at every step. Whether you are looking for personal use, or are interested in joining the Salt Chalet halotherapy family, we have the equipment, skills and knowledge you need to help you get set up. You can learn more about building your own salt room and salt room business on our website at http://saltchalet.com. Alternatively, call us on (818) 990-1076 to experience salt treatment for yourself, or email info@SaltChalet.com with any questions that you have about any aspect of the benefits of salt.