Halotherapy Generator Choices – Go Portable

Halotherapy generator options are often thought to consist of large salt room installations, perhaps attached to hotels or spas. It’s even common to have salt rooms at home in modern America, a luxury that allows you salt therapy in your own property. However, have you ever thought of taking your salt therapy portable?

Portable salt therapy is a way of treating yourself with aerosols outside of dedicated salt room environments. Handheld salt therapy can be a useful way of topping up your usual forms of salt therapy, whether they take place in dedicated halotherapy locations or in your own personal home or business salt room. Portable salt therapy works in the same way as it does in dedicated rooms. A handheld device allows you to convert salt from the Dead Sea into an aerosol. The initial product usually comes in the form of a saline solution, and the portable generator uses frequency vibration technology to turn this solution into micro particles. After this, the salt particles work just as they would if inhaled in a specialised salt room, travelling into the lungs and clearing the entire respiratory tract. In addition to this, these portable halo therapy machines can be used to cleanse indoor air too. This is due to the fact that salt has a high negative ion concentration that sticks to the positive ions on bacteria, viruses and dust. As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to gain from using a portable handheld device for salt therapy, so why not give it a go?

With Salt Chalet’s range of portable salt therapy devices, you can have your own halotherapy generator to use when you wish. We know that it acts as an excellent complementary medicine, usually in conjunction with visits to halotherapy rooms. You can find out more about our portable devices by visiting http://saltchalet.com.